Line Policy

2022-2023 Basketball Student Line Policy

The line policy for the 2023-24 basketball season are in the process of being finalized. We will update this section before the start of the Big Ten play.

2022-2023 Basketball Student Line Policy

This year, the Maize Rage, in partnership with Michigan Athletics, has implemented a digital wristband policy for all Big Ten Conference games.

How can I receive a digital wristband?

  • Priority Line Access is based on student basketball priority points, and provides the opportunity for select students to sit in the lower bowl (Bleacher Seating & Section 130).
  • Priority points are earned by attending and scanning your ticket at any men’s basketball game. For each game your ticket is scanned, you earn three (3) priority points. If your ticket is scanned 30 minutes before tip-off, you will earn an additional (3) priority points.
  • Priority point totals are based on each student’s cumulative scans, from the start of the season up until the home game prior to the event listed above.

Additionally, this year the line for the wristband line will open 2 hours prior to tip-off, and will close 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to tip-off, with the gates to Crisler being opened an hour before tip-off.

2021-2022 Basketball Student Line Policy

For the following game days, students may begin lining up outside Cliff Keen Arena (616 E. Hoover St) at 7:00am to receive a numbered wristband designating their spot in line. Wristbands will be handed out between 7:00am and 10:00am only.

      • All Big Ten Conference Games (Excluding Break Games)

Students who do receive a wristband between the hours of 7:00am and 10:00am must return to the Crisler Center Maize Rage entrance no later than 2 hours prior to scheduled tip-off (30 minutes prior to Crisler Center doors opening) to claim their spot in line based on the number on their wristband. Students who fail to return by this designated time will lose their spot and join the back of the line. This policy will be strictly enforced, so plan transportation accordingly.

Students with a wristband who arrive to line up before the game will line up in a separate line from students without a wristband. All students in the wristband line will be allowed to enter Crisler in an orderly fashion before anybody from the non-wristband line enters Crisler. Once all students who have collected a wristband have entered Crisler, the line with the remaining students will be allowed to enter Crisler in an orderly fashion.

Maize Rage Executive Board members will return to the Maize Rage entrance 2 hours prior to scheduled tip-off to organize the two lines, and all students are required to remain in their line until Crisler Center doors open approximately 90 minutes prior to scheduled tip-off.

For the following game days, Maize Rage members will not hand out wristbands. Students may begin lining up at the Crisler Center Maize Rage Entrance 2 hours prior to scheduled tip off. Once they have arrived, students must remain in line to keep their spot until they enter Crisler Center for the game, 90 minutes prior to scheduled tip off. Maize Rage members will be present to ensure the line remains intact.

  • Buffalo – 11/10
  • Seton Hall – 11/16
  • Tarleton State – 11/24
  • San Diego State – 12/4
  • Southern Utah – 12/18
  • Fort Wayne – 12/21

Note: No overnight camping is allowed and alcohol, heaters, open flames, and tents are strictly prohibited in the student line. Students should also be aware of the prohibited items list for Crisler Center to know what can and cannot be brought into the arena.

The Maize Rage will provide 4 designated Line Monitors (LMs) to distribute numbered wristbands to students on a first come, first served basis as the student line forms to prevent cutting and maintain overall fairness.

Note: The numbered wristbands do NOT guarantee a certain location within Crisler Center or that a student will receive a ticket. Proper claiming is required to receive a ticket and will be checked as students enter the arena.

The LMs will periodically check the line to ensure that everyone stays in numerical order. Anyone not in their spot when doors open will be asked to go to the end of the line. To have the ability to sit in a group all group members must be in the line at the same time, additional group members cannot join that spot in line at a later time.

Once gates open (typically 90 minutes prior to tip-off), students will enter the arena through the Maize Rage entrance where their MCard will be scanned.

Students who have properly claimed their ticket will then receive either their game day ticket and a second wristband, allowing them to sit in the Maize Rage bleachers, or a game day ticket identifying a specific section to which they have been assigned (ranging from Section 130 to the upper bowl) Once all bleacher wristbands have been distributed.


Michigan basketball student tickets are sold through the University of Michigan Athletic Ticket Office.  Tickets are sold to currently enrolled students in March at the same time as football tickets.  Incoming students can order their basketball tickets in June.

Claiming Tickets

In order to attend basketball games, students who have purchased season basketball tickets will have to “claim” their tickets through their student account during specified “claim periods” (these claim periods will be announced via e-mails from the Athletic Department). Once a student has claimed their ticket to one or more games during each specified claim period, the ticket(s) will be transferred to the student’s MCard.

Seating Policy

Upon arrival at Crisler Center, students will present their MCards to be scanned (tickets are on each student’s MCards—there are NO tangible ticket vouchers).  Seats will be filled in the bleachers (the yellow highlighted area of sections 118-128) first.  If a student has arrived in time to get a “bleacher seat” then the student will receive a wristband immediately following the scanning of his/her MCard.  Wristbands are required for sitting in the bleachers.  There will be no saving of wristbands for friends.  Once the bleachers are filled, students will be placed in section 130 and then in sections of the upper bowl.

Requirements For Sitting in Bleachers

Students with a ticket in the bleachers are required to WEAR MAIZE. Michigan shirt (preferably basketball related), a Michigan basketball jersey, or a costume. Students who do not comply with this requirement may be moved to a seat in the upper bowl. It is also required that students in the bleachers stand up during game action and are not on their cell phones.