Chants are led by the “Superfan” in the front of the center section of bleachers, directly behind the scorers’ table. Be sure to listen to the “Superfan” at the beginning of each possession to hear the chant.

Chant Reminders:

Don’t speed up! We can’t stress this enough. Don’t speed up!

Pre-game Introductions:

Chant the name of the Michigan player about to be introduced even while the opposing team’s names are announced. Check with the center section beforehand to determine the order in which our players will be introduced. Also, watch for signs held up by Maize Rage members detailing which Michigan player is next to be introduced.

Offensive Chants

  • Here we go Michigan, here we go! (clap clap)
  • Let’s Go Michigan! (clap clap, clap clap clap)
  • Go Blue, Go! (clap clap clap)
  • Go Blue! (clap clap)
  • Let’s Go Blue! (clap)

Defensive Chants

  • Popcorn (Jump up and down while screaming OHHHH!!)
  • De-fense! (clap clap)
  • Bounce! Bounce! Pass! (Yell “bounce” when the opposition dribbles, and “pass” when they pass). Note: This chant is only used in blowouts.

When Opposition Shoots Free-Throws

  • Go… Blue… chant with pep band
  • You will miss! / You will miss again!
  • Sing The Victors (listen for the “1, 2, you know what to do!”)
  • Listen to the center section for other improvised chants

When Michigan Shoots Free Throws:

Raise your hands and wiggle your fingers when the shooter gets the ball from the official. Upon a make, lower your hands and yell “WOOSH”. Then, raise your right fist and yell “Hail!” like singing The Victors.